Negotiation Training

Power Negotiating Increase revenues by training your entire sales team to become Power Negotiators

Negotiation Training

Negotiating a better deal has become a more complex process in the age of technology, online sales, email and text messaging. We have witnessed sales people and top level executives leaving millions of dollars at the table.

Our approach to negotiation and the power to close a deal with the other person feeling that he or she won make our clients Power Negotiators.

A lot has changed in the last years, but much has stayed the same. Most sales executives that we have trained lately have forgotten that the objective of a negotiation is still to create a win-win solution. This is a creative way that both people can walk away from the negotiating table feeling that they have won.

Our Power Negotiation training focuses on empowering your sales teams to apply wining tactics in person, over the phone, electronically and in online sales.

In most cases, we can train entire sales teams in eight hours or less with follow up training sessions as needed.

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